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Jon Peddie Revises Q1 2012 GPU Sales Results; NVIDIA Share Loss Reduced

Jon Peddie Research

Several days ago, Jon Peddie Research released its GPU report for the first quarter of 2012. The report originally claimed that NVIDIA lost around 4.3% of the market, while Intel and AMD grew. Revised release corrected that share loss to 1.5%.

Jon Peddie Research recently released market share and shipments of GPUs for the first quarter of 2012, which ended on March 31st. The report only includes PC graphics market, and does not include tablets, smartphones and other predominately ARM-powered devices. The report reveals the shifts of the market in terms of APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), a chip that combines the CPU and GPU. According to John Peddie, "AMD had a gigantic increase in shipments of its Desktop APUs of 84% and a modest 2.6% decline in notebook APU."

Intel also had a good quarter. Jon Peddie Research refuses to call Intel's APU – an APU, but rather "Embedded Processor Graphics" i.e. CPU-EPG. Intel naturally, refused to use AMD's nomenclature and came out with "EPG", just like x86-64 or AMD64 became EM64T. Anyways, shipments of Intel's APUs rose by 18% in Desktop and 2.1% in notebook. However, even the 18% APU shipment growth did not help Intel; the company ceded market share to AMD. In terms of overall percentages, 93% of Intel non-server processors have integrated graphics, while AMD's non-server CPU share is at 79%.

The third player in graphics, NVIDIA, dropped by 1.5% – since the company exited the IGP chipset business. As of first quarter 2012, NVIDIA has no more IGP chipsets in stock, confirming the shift to Tegra+Discrete GPU, instead of Legacy Integrate+Tegra+Discrete GPU.

Biggest winner though, is often discredited player – VIA Technologies. VIA saw their shipments increase 51% over Q1 2011, or massive 148% over the previous quarter (Q4 2011).

Furthermore, we were witness to an increase in Discrete GPU market, growing by 2.7% from Q4 2011, which was one of weakest in discrete market history. However, it was still 11% down over first quarter of last year. Looking at overall market share, Intel leads with 58.8% (54.7% in Q1 2011), AMD is second with 25% (24.7% in Q1 2011), while NVIDIA trails with 15.1% (19.9% in Q1 2011). Biggest winner is VIA – went from mediocre 0.4% to 1.1%, a148.5% increase and a big increase from 0.7% in Q1 2011.

However, the number of shipped units does not mean a lot when we take a look at profitability. After all, AMD APU and GPUs gained share over NVIDIA and the company's GPU division still managed to lose money in vast majority of the past five quarters.

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