A series of pictures uploaded on Twitter hint that the two downloadable gems might be making their way to Sony’s latest console.


Creative director of Sony’s Santa Monica studio, Nathan Gary, recently opened a can of worms when he uploaded a series of images on twitter that seem to hint at the arrival of Journey and The Unfinished Swan on the PS4.

Gary posted pictures of Flower, Flow, and Escape Plan, in which a Playstation 4 console can be clearly seen in the frame. These three games are already known to be receiving the next-gen treatment, but it’s the pictures of Journey and The Unfinished Swan uploaded in the same time frame that has people talking.

Despite the fact that a PS4 s not visible in these screenshots, unlike in the case of the other three games, the implication seems to be that Journey and The Unfinished Swan will also make the jump to Sony’s latest console at one point or another. The pictures of the two games in question were accompanied by cryptic captions which read “I’m finished”, and “finished”.

However, bear in mind that this is not an official confirmation that the two games will indeed make their way to the PS4. Take a look at the twitter feed in question and decide for yourself if there is enough evidence to get excited.

Source: Nathan Gary, Destructoid