Joyride is a new app that integrates many different forms of entertainment to provide you with fun and games for long car rides.

Last month, a new startup called Joyride showed up out of nowhere and raised $1 million in funding to create an app capable of keeping you entertained while on long road trips. Co-founder and CEO Jeff Chen describes the app as an attempt to “make drive times more fun and more interesting”. It does this my incorporating several different forms of media and entertainment that can be quickly accessed, both via touch screen and through voice command. Instead of listening to the radio, you can tell Joyride (which plugs into your car's stereo) “Hey, let's play a game together” or “Pull up the latest comedy clips” or you could even ask it to teach you a new language.

Joyride in action


Since the app hasn't been released yet, not all of the features have been demonstrated, but the first one to roll out is a trivia game in which you compete against friends in the car or other players across the web. The trivia game makes use of a timer to help make the experience seem more “live” even though it's turn based. In Chen's words, it's “fake synchronous”. Chen acknowledges that the trivia game isn't how people will spend their entire commute, which is why the app hasn't been released yet. Joyride hopes to expand its functionality in other ways.


“As you start getting two or three of these key features on that platform, it really starts getting interesting,” said Chen. His end goal is for Joyride to become a “voice portal” of sorts for several other apps, some developed by Joyride; some developed by third parties. The app is expected to launch in mid-2013