Samsung just can’t see to catch a break in its legal battles with Apple. The company’s motion to stay payment of damages to Apple has been denied.

Samsung vs Apple Judge denies Samsungs motion to stay damages payable to Apple

Last week at a retrial of a verdict that was first handed down last year, the jury ruled that several Samsung did copy features and design elements from the iPhone, as a result of which the Korean company must pay an additional $290 million in damages to Cupertino. After the ruling, Samsung filed an emergency motion in court requesting a stay and reevaluation of a key Apple patent, no. 7,844,915 that relates to “pinch-to-zoom” gestures.

However, Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s motion last night based on three factors which include the impact of a stay on the whole trial and case, if a stay would favour Apple unethically and on the status of the discovery procedure. However, despite the fact that Samsung’s motion for a stay has been denied, a reevaluation of Apple’s ‘915 patent is going to take place any way. If the verdict of the reevaluation isn’t in favor of Apple, it has a few options left such as appealing to the Patent Trial and Apple Board or the Federal Circuit, however this could take a few months.

On the other hand, Samsung has an option to appeal the latest verdict passed against it by the jury. As of now, Samsung is to pay roughly $929 million to Apple for infringing on its patents if it decides against filing an appeal.

Source: Foss Patents