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Just In: Sony Announces New VAIO Y Series Notebooks

If Sony’s goal was to have a VAIO named after every single character of the English alphabet, we will say that it is well on its way to accomplishing it. Sony Japan has just announced a brand-new line of VAIO “Y Series” notebooks which the company claims to be capable of providing great mobile performance while being both lightweight and classy.

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Life as an 11-inch portable computing device is not exactly the best thing on earth, and for good reason. Considering that the 11-inch display is usually the preferred screen dimensions for netbook PCs, it generally makes little sense for an OEM to risk cannibalizing their netbook sales by offering full-fledged notebooks under the 11-inch form factor.

That is, unless the OEM in question is Sony, of course. After all, one must remember that this is the very OEM which surprised the world with its 11.6-inch, Blu-ray capable multimedia powerhouse notebook, the VAIO TT series a couple of years back. And now, it seems that Sony is once again poised to make more ripples in the mobile computing market with the announcement of its new VAIO Y Series notebooks, which boast some decent hardware specifications under the same 11-inch form factor.

According to Sony Japan, the the VAIO Y Series will make use of an 11.6-inch WXGA LCD screen (sorry, no AMOLEDs yet), while processinf power is provided by Intel’s ultra low-voltage Core i3-380UM processor. This apparently allows the Y Series notebook to attain battery lives of up to six hours on a single charge, or 11.5 hours if the optical L-battery pack is used instead. Needless to say, the Y Series will make use of Intel’s onboard HD Graphics in order to maximize battery life, something which cannot be done had Sony opted to throw in graphics solutions from ATI or Nvidia.

And since this is a VAIO we are talking about, it also goes without saying that the VAIO Y Series notebook is designed to look good and feel good for the user. In addition to the use of chiclet-style keys, Sony claims that the palmrest areas of the notebook has been designed in such a way to ensure maximum comfort, which apparently plays a part in minimizing typos.

Last but not least, the VAIO Y Series notebook will come equipped with Sony’s one-button ASSIST technology. Sony claims that this technology will help users to prevent and resolve problems at the touch of a single button. In the event a factory reset is required, this will be the button to look out for.

Now that we have spoken so much about the notebook, you might be wondering about its availabilty and/or pricing, and this is where we have the classic ‘good news/bad news’ situation. The bad news is that Sony Japan made no mention about a possible global launch, so when the VAIO Y Series notebook will make its way down to our shores (if at all) remains a mystery. The good news? There is already a price tag attached to this notebook: approximately 110,000 yen, or S$1735. Still a little pricey, but perfectly reasonable, if you think about it. After all, It’s A Sony.


   Series   Specifications   Pricing 
Notebook PC   “Y Series” standard (retail) model
 Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium sixty-four bit / Core i3-380UM (1.33GHz) / 11.6-inch widescreen WXGA (1366 × 768) VAIO Display / 2GB (2GB × 1) / 320GB / Intel  HD / W-LAN ( bgn) / Camera / Bluetooth / Office Home and Business 2010 / Black  Approx. 110,000 yen

Source: Sony Japan

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