With yet another web browser rising up to claim the esteemed title of ‘the world’s faster browser’, what features does the new Opera 10.50 have over its predecessor? VR-Zone takes a quick look.

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Yep, Opera 10.50 has finally been released, and like many others before it, Opera is proudly claiming that 10.50 is the fastesy browser in the world.

Except that when so many other browers are claiming the same title, one cannot help but wonder just exactly how fast is ‘fast’, especially where browsing speed is concerned.

Fortunately, the new Opera 10.50 packs more than just a speed boost: according to Opera, v10.50 if the new browser comes with various new features as well, like its new compression technology known as Opera Turbo, which claims to be capable of compression web pages by up to 80% for faster viewering, Opera Unite for host-less file sharing among peers, an integrated email client, recognition for mouse gestures and built-in support for BitTorrent.

The browser is already available for download at the Opera homepage, so upgrade away.

*Opera 10.50 is currently not available for users of the OS X and Linux operating systems.