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Kickstarter not meant to be a “retail experience”

Kickstarter, the site that’s famous for its ability to help entrepreneurs find potential investors, is changing its policies to enforce the idea that the site “isn’t a store.”

Thousands of entrepreneurs, small to big timers, use Kickstarter to spread the words about their projects/products.  However, Kickstarter may be feeling that users are deviating from the main purpose of the site—that is, looking for potential investors.

In a blog post, Kickstarter states that the site is meant for “creators and audiences to work to make things.”  With that said, there are new guidelines for its users, with the main ones being the following:

  • Project creators are required to talk about the “risks and challenges” regarding their projects/products.
  • Product simulation is no longer allowed, and any demonstrations of a product must be in its existing form.
  • Rendering of products are also not allowed, and any images must be of the project that currently exists.
  • Offering multiple quantities as a reward for backing a project is no longer allowed.

The new guidelines are effective immediately for all Hardware and Product Design projects.

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