No more worrying about  your child playing loud music that can hurt their hearing. Kidz Gear has launched this Apple Wired Headphones for Kids, designed especially for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It features "KidzControl" volume limiting technology for safe volume listening and comes with a special microphone and remote control.

Kidz Gear has announced the latest addition to its line of Wired Headphones for Kids. The new Apple version claims to be designed specifically for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. It incorporate a unique “KidzControl" volume limiting technology for a safe listening experience while protecting children’s hearing. Other features include an inline microphone and a remote with controls for skipping tracks and increasing and lowering of volume. 

The proprietary KidzControl volume limiting technology is said to deliver “always-on” safe volume limited listening experience for children of all ages, with maximum volume levels limited to between 80dB and 90dB levels. The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids inline microphone can be used to record audio, issue a voice command to iPhone’s SIRI personal assistant, and have conversation on the iPhone or Skype. The wired headphones are also ergonomically designed with soft padded child-sized ear-cups and high quality audio components.

The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids are available immediately, priced at US$29.95 and available from Apple, Amazon and Kidz Gear online stores. All Kidz Gear Headphones come with a lifetime limited warranty.