Kim Dotcom, founder of the now defunct, has just launched a new creation called ‘Mega’.  The new cloud-based storage site comes with military grade encryption and supposedly the most secure storage site going.

Kim Dotcom has unveiled his latest creation he is calling ‘Mega’.  The new site allows users to upload files via encryption that Dotcom says is as good as it comes.  This new website, according to Dotcom, is nothing like his previous site,

In January 2012 more than seventy armed police, New Zealand special agents and the U.S. FBI made a raid on the New Zealand mansion belonging to Dotcom.  It was called ‘Operation Takedown’, and it was conducted to obtain a ‘doomsday device’ that Dotcom supposedly possessed that could ‘shut down the internet’

Later the raid was determined by the New Zealand courts to be illegal, and neither was there any doomsday device found.  It has been suggested the FBI dreamed up the fictitious device in order to gain access to Dotcom's home.  Dotcom is now fighting extradition to the United States under accusations that was being used to share copyrighted music, films and software. 

The new website, which was launched on Sunday, is all supposedly within New Zealand and international copyright laws.  Dotcom also told U.S. authorities that any attempts at shutting down the new site would be senseless.  "This is not some kind of finger to the US government or to Hollywood," Dotcom commented."…This site is just as legitimate as Dropbox, Boxnet and other competitors."

What sets Mega apart from Dotcom’s former site, Megaupload, is that it allows users to access the cloud and lets them control who has access to their files.  With Megaupload, anyone who had the service could search for and download those files. 

The encryption service that comes with Mega was installed as a means of keeping people’s files secure from any type of unauthorized access.  Dotcom further emphasized that the new site is secure enough that even the website administrators, such as himself, can’t see what files a user may possess.

Mega comes with two memberships, which are the standard free version and the pro.  With the free version you get 50GB of free upload, and then three Pro tiers of 500GB to 4TB for $13-$40 a month

If you are hoping to get any of your files from returned from the U.S. Feds – that is not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.  Dotcom said that he would like to give premium status to former Megaupload users.  His attorneys said they tried to obtain court’s permission to get the data transferred over, but the U.S. authorities repeatedly fought any kind of transfer. A visit to the former site reveals it is still under seizure by the U.S. Department of Justice.