Xbox One is going to be launched in 13 markets sometime in November. However, only five countries will get the much-touted Kinect voice control feature.


The Xbox One was slated to be initially available in 21 countries, but Microsoft announced earlier this month that its launch will be delayed in eight countries. Microsoft mentioned the delay was due to the additional work that has to be undertaken to localize the console’s dashboard and Kinect voice commands feature.

Now it looks like only five countries will get the Kinect voice control feature, as a statement on the Xbox overview page says that, “Xbox voice commands will not be available in all markets on the product release date.” The countries where this feature will work are the Unites States, Canada, UK, France and Germany.

This means that countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand will not be getting the voice control feature. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned as to when these countries will get the feature. At this stage, all we know is that the Xbox One will support eight languages/ dialects: English (US), English (GB), French, Spanish (MX), Spanish (ES), Italian, German and Portuguese. Users have to select their language first, and then they can see a list of countries in which the voice commands feature work.

Source: Xbox