Kinect for Xbox 360 had been released for some time already. How does Kinect for PC sound? Microsoft has released the official Windows SDK Beta for Kinect. More details inside.


The Kinect for Windows SDK Beta is basically a programming toolkit that will allow users to access the Kinect device easily. With some creativity and knowledge in programming, users can create applications which utilise the Kinect device in Windows 7. Some of the SDK features include raw sensor streams, skeletal tracking, advanced audio capabilities, sample code and documentation. However, a point to note: this SDK is for non-commercial purposes only. A commercial version will be available later.

System Requirements
Hardware Xbox 360 Kinect
Computer with dual-core, 2.66GHz processor
Windows 7 compatible graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c
2GB Ram
Software Windows 7
Visual Studio 2010 Express
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

For more information regarding Kinect for Windows SDK Beta: Microsoft

Download Kinect for Windows SDK Beta: Microsoft