We set the CPU Multiplier as low as we could, at 14x and the highest FSB that
is stable due to the CPU limitation is 330Mhz. This has nothing to do with the

Therefore, for the “Novice” Mode, the results obtained
using the 1:1 and 4:5 divider is ignored as the CPU is the bottleneck here and
not the memory. Let’s take a look at how the memory scales with voltage at the
3:4 Divider with “Novice” memory timings.


– Unlike the Kingston Hyper-X KHX6000D2 we reviewed
some time back
, this pair of memory seems to like voltage a bit more, scaling
nicely all the way up to 2.5v. At 2.6v we start to encounter instability issues
and our worst nightmare came when the OS got corrupted. Therefore we stick to
2.5v max for stable operation and we would advise the same for users of this

– The memory clocks best with the 3:5 divider at this “Novice”
timings. The 1:2 clocking with this memory seems to be a bit lacklustre comparatively.

– Either way, the memory does the PC2-7200 450/900MHz speed at the
rated 2.0v easily and has room to spare, about 5% overclocking head-room at
default voltage and 10% overclocking head-room with higher voltage.


Highest stable overclock achieved at “Novice” Settings