The kit comes in Kingston’s easily-distinguishable packaging: the black plastic box and a large label taped across it. Instead of blue borders on the label found on Kingston’s ValueRAM line, red color is used for the HyperX performance memory line.

The Kingston HyperX 1625MHz DDR3 2GB kit comes as a matched pair in a neat twin pack sealed box.


 Standard on all HyperX memories, are Kingston’s blue heatspreaders. The heatspreaders found on our review kits are of the second generation.


Signature blue heatspreaders on Kingston’s HyperX



Label on the heatspreader stating the HyperX model and its rated voltage.


As we can see below, the memory modules are single-sided. All 2GB kits that we have come across are all single-sided 1GB modules. We should be expecting more 4GB performance DDR3 kits to arrive shortly, comprising of two double-sided modules.


The Kingston sticks are single-sided modules.



Screenshot from CPU-Z.