Kingston's 2133MHz HyperX SO-DIMM memory module is now Intel XMP-compatible. It is one of the fastest notebook memory modules in the market. More details inside.


The Kingston HyperX 2133MHz 4GB SO-DIMM memory kit (Kingston part #: KHX2133C9S3K2/4GX) has been tested with the ASRock HD65-MXM motherboard which was installed with Intel Core i7 2920XM processor. In the tests, the Kingston HyperX rams ran at the rated frequency of 2133MHz with 9-11-9-27 timings at 1.5V. Kingston will also provide a lifetime warranty and free technical support for consumers who purchase the HyperX memory. Enthusiasts using laptops will be delighted to have this.

See the listing of the Kingston HyperX Rams: Intel