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Kingston Presents their Almighty 1TB Flash Drive

Kingston Technology Corporation presents the world's first true "high-end" pocket flash storage drive, the Data Traveler HyperX Predator, which has a very spacious capacity of 1TB.

Flash drives are convenient data storage peripherals for quick pocket-accessible data storage. They're not usually used for storing heaps of data because there is just isn't enough space to store it in them. But Kingston has apparently proved this wrong recently, as they present their latest flash drive that has a storage capacity of a whopping 1TB.

The DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB looks no more than a fattened version of your regular USB drive. It uses a USB 3.0 connection, and can reach data transfer speeds of up to 240MBps (read) and 160 MBps (write). Dimensions are 26.94 x 72 x 21 mm, and it is made of a durable, shock-resistant zinc alloy. The USB connector is taken out or covered by simply sliding in and out the drive's main body.

Most of the large high-end flash drives that we have today are within the line of 64GB or so. Flash drives that have 128GB storage space or more have just been developed recently, and have in fact just become widely available last year. This makes Kingston's quick jump to the TB storage range a bit more astonishing, and indeed it is, because at that capacity, we'd usually think of some sort of external hard drive, not something as small as gum box.

In addition to the 1TB drive, Kingston also plans to release a 512GB version, presumably at a more economic price than the original version. Both items have been announced and unveiled last CES 2013, but Kingston has yet to announce its actual price when it finally becomes commercially available.

Source: ITMedia (JP), Kingston

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