Kingston showed off some of its latest creations alongside the ongoing International CES event, in Las Vegas. Visiting journalists were shown a variety of products from Kingston's PC memory and SSD portfolios.

To begin with, Kingston unveiled its latest HyperX module design, the HyperX T1. These modules are designed for overclocking, and keeping in mind today's congested high-end motherboards. The DRAM chips on these modules are passively cooled by chunky aluminum with fins extended vertically. These modules will be likely available in lower module densities (up to 8 GB per module), but will pack very high out-of-the-box XMP 1.3 profiles, with headroom for more overclocking. 

Moving on, Kingston showed off a HyperX module with red-colored heatspreaders. Probably riding on the risk of these modules being shunned for looking too much like G.Skill modules from last decade, Kingston labeled these "Limited Edition". Available in capacities of up to 8 GB, these modules will carry mid-range clock speeds of DDR3-1600 MHz. 

Kingston also ran a demo of its HyperX Genesis 8 x 8GB quad-channel memory kit, on a Sandy Bridge-E testbench. This particular kit is capable of DDR3-2400 MHz, which is impressive for modules with sheet-thin heatspreaders. 

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