Kingston displayed what its consumer SSD portfolio for the year ahead could look like, including some new product-lines. We got to see its much-acclaimed HyperX SSD, which is among the fastest SSDs driven by SandForce SF-228x; SSDNow KC100 series, SSDNow V200, and SSDNow S50

Among these, some drives such as the SSDNow KC100 are driven by SandForce controllers, probably ASYNC NAND flash config (?), making them cheaper than HyperX, yet in the high-performance segment. The SSDNow V200 is driven by a JMicron JMF66x controller. These will be the more affordable SSDs from Kingston. Lastly, there's SSDNow S50, which is a budget line of low-capacity SSDs based on JMicron controllers. These could make for decent boot or cache drives.


Kingston also demonstrated a line of SSDs in the mSATA form-factor, designed for the emerging Ultrabook segment, and other compact computing devices. These drives will be available in low-ish capacities, and will be driven by a PHISON-made controller.  

For those who took the pains to get to the hotel-suite Kingston was holding its demos, there were some nice goodies like flash drives, pens, and T-shirts in store.