Nothing is possible without our sponsors’ support so we took a look at our
sponsors presence at the event. Certainly we erected a huge backdrop to thank
our sponsors and once again they are Foxconn, Corsair, Razer, Intel, LG, Eagle, NVIDIA,
Planex, Everglide and Funan Digitalife Mall.

Notice there are 2 large Intel Dual-Core banner stands on the stage and 2
Intel Core 2 Duo banners at the speakers as well 2 LG 42″ LCD displays on the
stage for the videocasting of the match for the spectators sitting below.


There are another 2 LG 42″ Plasma HD ready displays off stage
for videocasting of exciting matches to the passersby. Again there are Intel
Core 2 Duo posters pasted in front and at the back of the Plasma displays.
Occasionally during breaktime, we play some video clips of our sponsors.


Pluto Technology, a close partner of Intel is here to display
their latest Core 2 Duo systems and certainly it has attracted some crowds to
watch the Pro Evolution Soccer competition we have organized for the general