Han Chae-young

Korean actress Han Chae-young was recently criticized on Twitter for flaunting her wealth when she posted a New Year greeting to her fans, with a picture of her driving a luxurious car, even though that was not her intention.

Social networking sites can be a double-edge sword, especially when your fans or followers misunderstood the updates you have posted. That was what happened to Korean actress Han Chae-young, who is well-known for her roles in the television drama, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, whereby a sincere New Year greetings to her fans on Twitter was received with harsh criticism. As reported by Kpopfever website, on her Twitter page, Chae-young tweeted fans with the message, "HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am taking a drive for the first time in a while this holiday weekend. I pray that in the New Year, everyone will be prosperous with everything they do. Always remember to be happy and healthy". The Korean actress also shared a photo of her driving a luxurious car that looked to be the Italian Lamborghini sports car. While there were fans who replied back with the same wishes, there were others who criticized her for showing off, especially when times are bad and on the first day of New Year. The negative comments apparently proved to be too much for Chae-young and the tweet was removed.

Source: Yahoo!