It may have a name which sounds like the disease-spreading organic creature which we all love to hate, but there is nothing remotely parasitic about LaCie’s MosKeyTo. In fact, you might even want to keep this particular ‘mosquito’ by your side all day long.

When it comes to computing, size is everything. Not only do we want to have the biggest storage capacity humanely available to consumers, we also want our tech toys to be so small they resemble fashion statements instead of technological gadgets.

Sounds impossible? Apparently not for LaCie, which recently released their new MosKeyto USB flash storage device.

As its name suggests, the MosKeyto is small enough to be considered as the mosquito of computers, with LaCie claiming that it only extends 6mm when plugged into a USB port. But even more impressive is the fact that LaCie managed to cram in a respectable capacity of either 4GB (US$18) or 8GB (US$28) of Flash storage within a storage device this small.

Still, one thing is for sure though: with a device this small, you definitely want to secure it to something like a bunch of keys at all times lest it gets misplaced. Come to think of it, that sounds rather similar to how a real mosquito latches onto its host most of the time, does it not?

Source: HotHardware