Naughty Dog’s zombie epic gets a new “Interrogation” mode to add more oomph to the multiplayer suite.


Not only did The Last of Us deliver one of the best single player experiences in all of gaming, it also came equipped with a rather addictive multiplayer component in which two teams of four battle it out in an intense game of cat and mouse. However, the online portion shipped with just two modes. One is a straight up deathmatch, the other is a survival mode where death is permanent.Now, developer Naughty Dog has announced that a new multiplayer mode is incoming. To make things even sweeter, it will be free with the 1.03 patch to the game.

Called “Interrogation”, this mode brings in the concept of gathering intel from fallen enemies using special “interrogate” executions. Once your team notches up five of these executions, the location of the enemy lockbox is revealed. Raiding this lockbox is the ultimate objective. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, since the opposing team can rack up special executions as well to bring themselves back into the game.

Patch 1.03 also brings some other changes to the multiplayer. The radius in which you can heal your teammates has been increased, and special executions can now be halted mid-animation. “Interrogation” seems like it’s going to fit right in with the nail-biting multiplayer The Last of Us offers. The “interrogate” executions take longer to pull off than the special executions you might be used to, leaving the player even more susceptible to an attack. What’s more, now that executions can be stopped, players will have to pick the right window to attempt the “interrogations”, bringing in a tactical layer to the proceedings.

The patch itself is coming soon, though a solid release date has not been given.

Source: Eurogamer


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