Writer and co-director of the zombie epic, Neil Druckmann, believes there is a lot to be learned from independent developers. 


The Last of Us is not your typical AAA title. While most big budget games are focused on giving the gamer the most thrills per minute with flashy explosions and unbelievable set-pieces, The Last of Us chose instead to tell a heartfelt story of two regular people as they try their best to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The game’s writer and co-director Neil Druckmann recently spoke about how the gaming landscape is changing to allow more bold storytelling in the medium, predicting that more and more AAA titles will take risks going forward. Druckman was full of praise for the recent indie titles Going Home and Papers Please, saying he was “blown away” by the way these games told their story. He believes that the success of these smaller projects is allowing their big-budget counterparts to grow up faster.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Druckmann said, “With big AAA titles, it’s sometimes hard to make these gigantic shifts as far as what a game is or what kind of story it could tell. As more and more examples come to light, I think more people are pursuing better narratives. I think that change is going to happen much more rapidly going forward.”

We’ve definitely come a long way from the “hero out to save the world” template of storytelling in video games. However, it seems that the medium still has a lot of room to mature further.

Source : Destructoid


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