The latest MacBook Air, the one that Apple unveiled back at WWDC 2013, is reportedly plagued by a display bug that causes intermittent loss of video output to the display. It joins the laundry list of bugs in 2013 MacBook Air that have already been discovered.


The first ever bug in the new MacBook Air models was reported soon after it was released. Many users complained that their laptops would drop the Wi-Fi connection on their own. Then a number of users started complaining that the volume during video playback would fluctuate repeatedly. Some even complained of screen flicker. This particular bug causes the screen to go dark, the display flashes intermittently whereas the laptop itself doesn’t shut down or go in to sleep mode.

As per the lengthy thread on Apple’s official support forums, the issue has been noted in both 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air models. Some users say that they have only encountered it when using the device on battery, whereas some say that the bug persists even when the MacBook Air is being powered through its AC adapter. Apple hasn’t confirmed as yet if this is a software or hardware based issue, and for now there’s no official fix that is available for users.

A similar bug was present in the 2010 MacBook Pro, Apple took care of that through a software update. Apple hasn’t even acknowledged this particular bug as yet, so it remains to be seen exactly when they’ll be rolling out a fix for the mid-2013 MacBook Air display bug.