A recent GFX Bench featuring a BNTV800 suggests that a Tegra 4-powered Nook is in development.


It appears that Barnes & Noble isn’t ready to wave the white flag yet, and it continues to face stiff competition from the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google.  The distribution of digital goods such as books, music and movies have become a big industry, but Barnes & Noble is having a tough time keeping up with its competitors.

Most wouldn’t criticize Barnes and Noble for its distribution platform.  Rather, the storefront hardware, mainly its tablet offerings, are subject to scrutiny.  While Google and Amazon (but to a lesser extent) continue to churn out robust hardware at competitive prices, Barnes & Noble is still trying to sell low-end gadgets bundled with its less-than-desired Android storefront launcher.

If Barnes & Noble does decide it want to drop the Nook brand (or license it out to other vendors), then it should at least go out with a bang.  The next Nook, if it leaves the lab, should come with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC under the hood.  The company’s current Nook 9+ features a 1.5 GHz OMAP4470 dual-core, so imagine how much more umph the Nook brand will get if Barnes & Noble does follow through with another tablet.

Screen size and resolution is still under wraps, but one can speculate that anything less than 720p will do the Tegra 4 a huge injustice.  Various reports have indicated that the device may launch during this year’s holiday season.

Source: Android Community


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