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Latest round of iPhone 6 speculation calls for 2.6 GHz chip, 389 ppi display, 0.22 inch profile

With Apple’s iPhone 6 reportedly rolling out in June or July, it’s virtually impossible to crack the hardware specification enigma already, but it’s never too soon to try.


iPhone 5s batteries are literally exploding out of nowhere, 5c sales numbers continue to drop, and Android’s market share pushes on towards total global domination. Sounds like the optimal timing for an oft-rumored strategy shift from Apple.

Rumored? More like nearly guaranteed at this point. The traditional iPhone manufacturing cycle is about to break, according to numerous sources in the know, and so two differently sized models will land in Q3 2014.

Some say together, some separately, but the bottom line is both iPhone 6 variants shall make the 5s/5c duo look small. Literally, as well as figuratively, with 4.7 and 5.5-inch Ultra-Retina displays probably leading the upgrade list.

Surely you heard all that before though, so let’s tackle fresh intel revealed by notorious blogger Sonny Dickson. The guy that was a genuine gold mine of information in the lead-up to iPhone 5s and iPad Air’s launches (warily) details the so-called Ultra-Retina panel on one of the iPhone 6 versions.


Bizarrely, the pixel density is tipped at 389 ppi, which doesn’t really match with earlier reports. It also seems to suggest an irregular resolution or footprint not corresponding to the 4.7/5.5-inch gossip.

Even odder, the A8 processor running the iPhone 6 hardware show is allegedly clocked at a whopping 2.6 GHz, exactly twice as zippy as the chip inside the 5s. Sounds unbelievable, so let’s not blindly believe it just yet, okay?

Especially as Dickson’s last exposed tidbit seems too good to be true as well: 0.22 inches, or 5.58 mm thickness. That’s 0.08 inches, or 2 full millimeters south of iPhone 5s’ already wasp-like waist. Any way Apple could pull such an amazing design stunt off without compromising on battery life? I’ll tell you this much: it’s a stretch.

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