We don’t have time to do our laundry, That’s just an unfortunate fact of life. Fortunately though, startup Seven Dreamers wants to help us out with the nightmare we face everywhere, with their latest invention, Laundroid, a laundry-folding-robot that looks a little strange.

Want to know how Laundroid workers? Here you go.

Essentially, you toss up to 30-40 pieces of laundry into the bottom drawer. Then, Laundroid will look and sort through whatever you threw inside and get folding. The built-in artificial intelligence and image analysis helps it differentiate between your tees, pants, and even underwear.

Afterwards, the robotic arm that’s within Laundroid will proceed to pick up a single item and take around 5 minutes or so to fold that particular piece of laundry. To be honest, its actually quite slow, but definitely better than doing it ourselves, since we’re time-pressed and more importantly, lazy.

To remotely access your Laundroid robot, you can use the Andoid or iPhone app it has developed.

Seven Dreamers hopes to open preorders across the globe in March although pricing hasn’t yet been announced yet.

It also hopes not to restrict its innovation to just our homes, but plans to introduce a custom version built to be used in hospitals and nursing homes come 2018.