GTA V m Leading analyst predicts GTA V will come to PS4 & Xbox One in 2014

Rockstar Games’ megastar console contender Grand Theft Auto V has conquered the charts and is dominating sales within the video game sphere.

In just three days, Rockstar pulled off an impressive heist of their own by earning over $1 billion in sales in the last three days since GTA V‘s launch, making it one of the most successful product launches in history.

According to predictions made Colin Sebastian, a leading industry analyst at the firm Robert W. Baird, Rockstar will expand their ultra-popular juggernaut into the next-gen realm.

In a recent note to investors, Sebastian made predictions that saw Rockstar introducing GTA V to both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014, and claimed that the move would have many benefits including to “help extend the value of the franchise.”

GTA V2 Leading analyst predicts GTA V will come to PS4 & Xbox One in 2014

Sebastian’s credibility was established when the analyst predicted that Rockstar would make over a billion dollars in sales in the first month of GTA V sales–a feat that the company established in an incredible three days. Nevertheless, Sebastian’s foresight was apt in this case, and we may see an official next-gen announcement sometime in the next coming months for Grand Theft Auto V.

Recent evidence found in GTA V‘s leaked code further supports a next-gen release, as there were multiple instances where PS4 and PC config files were found.

Additionally multiple UK retailers have listed PC versions of GTA V, possibly leaking a holiday release window for the port.

GTAV ss6 Leading analyst predicts GTA V will come to PS4 & Xbox One in 2014

During it’s launch on Sept. 17, the highly anticipated release racked up over $800 million in sales and has since raised a staggering $1 billion plus for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

Sebastian called GTA V‘s launch the “largest entertainment property launch in history.”

“We are now modeling 13-14 million units shipped in F2Q. We believe there is still potential upside to our targets,” he said. “However, given the possibility that sales of GTA are front-loaded, we will await further sales data before adjusting our expectations further.”

Rockstar Games will have their work cut out for them with GTA Online–the game’s expansive free multiplayer mode that introduces a plethora of content–releases on Oct. 1, as the studio plans to integrate a smattering of content to keep the GTA V experience fresh and new for all gamers.

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