Many had anticipated for the 6200 to arrive, due to it’s low price, and also, a chance to unlock the hidden pipelines, and make it perform similar to it’s more expensive brother, the 6600 family. Look here for pictures!

Nvidia had been pretty quick at capturing the budget low end market, with
their 6200 family of cards. Being an highly anticipated product, it finally came
Singapore! This Leadtek AGP card will catch the attention of most casual gamers,
since it delivers adequate performance. On top of that, initial reports also
uncover that these cards could be modified and unlocked to be similar to it’s
6600 brother, with 8 pipelines.



The box of this 6200. Very typical Leadtek design here.


The card. Note that the PCB resembles the 6600’s. The layout, and placement
of components, everything is similar.


The rams of this card. 3.6ns DDR1 memory here, also similar to it’s 6600


The core of the card.


This card is retailing at $ 209, and is available at all good Sim Lim Square