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Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GTX Extreme

With the Leadtek 7800 GTX being such a different card from the pack, we were
really interested at what’s under the hood. A closer look at the card, revealed
that, although with different cooling solution, the PCB of this card remains to
be similar with the reference. However, we were interested in the cooling
solution on the 7800 GTX Extreme, that actually enables such high clock speeds
straight out of the box.

Here, we take apart the Leadtek 7800 GTX Extreme and have a closer look:

This is the Leadtek 7800 GTX Extreme from the top. This huge
heatsink design spans the whole card, cooling all RAM modules too. The Leadtek
Quadro FX 4500 also shares similar cooling solution as this card. In case you
don’t know, the Quadro family is another line of products from Nvidia, catering
to professional 3D modelling, and CAD/CAM applications.

This is how the back of the card looks like. The RAMs are
covered with a single metal heat spreader for dissipation of heat.



In order for heat to be effectively dissipated by such a wide
heatsink, 4 heat pipes are deployed for this task. The heat pipes would move
heat away to the sides, where the fins are. This design is rather effective, as
the both the heat pipe and the fins gets really hot during 3D tests, yet,
maintain low temperatures on the core.


The rear I/O ports on this 7800 GTX Extreme is no different
from the standard reference card. Comes with Dual DVI, and a VIVO capable
S-Video port. Also, being a dual slot cooling design, the PCI bracket of this
card is a larger dual slot bracket. The top slot (as pictured here), caters to
the exhaust of the heatsink, where hot air is propelled out of the case. 


We stripped the card, bare of it’s cooling solution and this
is how it looks like. The card is yet another reference designed card from



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