The RAM modules on the card are Samsung 1.6ns GDDR3
modules. 8 of such chips can be found on both the front and the back of the
card. At 1.6ns, the theoretical maximum clock speed is at the rated

This Philips SAA7115HL Video Decoder can be found on the
card providing various Video In Video Out (VIVO) functions.

The dual slot cooling solution actually comes with a copper
base plate. While copper has high heat conductivity, it also has higher heat
capacity. As such, Leadtek utilized such a copper base plate to conduct
heat while the heat pipes and the aluminum fins dissipate the

The heat pipes on the cooling solution are attached to the
copper base as shown in this picture. Heat will be distributed to the fins on the
sides, while the fan blows cool air through the fins thereby cooling the card.

Fine aluminum fins as shown here dissipates the heat from
the heat pipes attached. The spacing and the thickness of these fins are very suitable for a low and shrouded fan blowing inwards at the card. Hot air would then
be expelled from the 2 sides of the card.