Battlefield 4 alpha test leaked screenshots X360 (1)

E3 2013 is almost upon us and with it comes announcements for a dozen new titles, (hopefully) many new IPs as well as the undeniable (and grand) PlayStation 4 console reveal. So here are some leaked images of an alpha test of DICE’s Battlefield 4, showing off the new features that DICE will bring with their next-generation military shooter.

Battlefield is one of the most popular military shooter titles. The multiplayer component has been especially strong, with developers DICE leaving no stone unturned to deliver an action packed experience, exactly what sets the award-winning studio apart from other military shooters. Battlefield 3 only strengthened their position, delivering stunning visuals in the single-player and with an engaging multiplayer component.

About five dozen of leaked images from a Battlefield 4 Alpha test for the Xbox 360 made its way to Reddit. A few of the screenshots refer to PartnerNet (the developer-only Xbox Live network where games are tested prior to their release) while a few others reference the alpha test nature of the game.

Here are some observations from the leaked screenshots:

– Multiplayer map named Seige, set in Shanghai
– Pistol, knife, grenade customizations, dual sights and battlepacks
Loadout and award screens
– New HUD

A full list of confirmed features can be found in the original Reddit post here. You can check out the complete album (with 58 images) by following this link.