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‘Titanfall’s’ alpha footage gets leaked

Various alpha testers for Respawn’s hugely anticipated Xbox One exclusive Titanfall have leaked gameplay footage, showing off the game’s early FPS action.

Titanfall 2

 Titanfall, which has been described as “Halo with mechs”, has become a flagship game for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, gaining towering momentum since it’s unveiling at last year’s E3 Expo.

Pristine graphics, incredibly dynamic warzones that emphasize frenetic firefights and skirmishes, and chaotic, explosive action are just some of the elements you’ll find in Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming hybrid shooter.

One of the most enthralling points of Titanfall’s gameplay is being able to jump into a heavily armored mech and wreak total havoc, demolishing everything in your path. The mechs have an innate balance in their combat roles and specialties; the Ogre, for example, is a hulking suit that smashes baddies with megaton force, where as the lightweight Stryder favors speed and agility in battle.

Titanfall 1
The mechs are towering and quite intimidating, but these metal behemoths aren’t invincible (even though they look it).

Staying on foot has its own advantages, though, and as much as you want to always jump inside a mech, sometimes jetpacking and flexible parkour evasion is the best way to stay alive in a bullet-strewn warzone.

Although Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game, Respawn aims to blur the lines between singleplayer and multi with a host of story-based content in the matches. But the devs have recently caught a lot of flak from the gaming community about their decision to limit Titanfall‘s matches to 6v6, making a total of 12 players.

Respawn asserts that there will be many AI bots to fill out the numbers, making the matches feel like “feel like a large scale endeavors”.

Now that Respawn has initiated the alpha testing phase for the hugely anticipated sci-fi shooter, select participants can experience the game’s distinct mech-warrior action for themselves–much to the envy of onlooking gamers. But with testing, there comes the inevitable leaks.

The footage above shows off leaked alpha footage of Titanfall, demonstrating a typical match-up. Keep in mind the clip is recorded off-screen so it doesn’t represent the game in its optimum state, and things are still quite early. Sadly alpha registration has been closed and all participants have already been chosen.

Titanfall is scheduled for a multi-platform release on March 11, 2014 in North America for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. For more information head on over to the game’s official website.

Via: Gamechup

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