Leaked images of the upcoming Apple iPad 5 tablet cases hint at an iPad Mini like design, with a thinner body and bezels on board.

iPad 5G

Image credit: US Daily Voice

It looks like Apple might indeed be adopting a new design with the upcoming iPad 5G (5th generation iPad). With the iPad Mini, Apple went for minimal bezel and a thin body. Leaked images of an iPad 5 case hint that the next-generation tablet might also undergo a similar treatment.

The leaked images show a case with a camera hole in one top corner and a pinhole beside it, presumably for the microphone. There is no loudspeaker grille present, perhaps Apple has moved it to the front of the iPad?

While we can’t say much about the design of the iPad 5, we can definitely conclude that the new tablet will have smaller dimensions, which can only happen with thinner bezel on the sides. Additionally, earlier reports suggest that compared to the iPad 4, the new iPad will be 15% thinner and 25-33% lighter as well. This can be attributed to the use of a single LED backlight (down from two).

We expect Apple to introduce the iPad 5 in the next few months, complete with iOS 7, possibly a quad-core Apple A7 SoC, 8 MP rear camera and up to 128 GB storage options (along side 16/32/64 GB options).

via Tablet-News & Gforgames