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Leaked KDDI docs points to July launch of iPhone 5S with a 13 MP camera and fingerprint scanner

Recently leaked documents of major Japanese carrier KDDI shed some more light on the release and specifications of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S. 

Apple's iPhone 5 was the beginning of a new era for the iPhones. Featuring the first design change in in over 2 years and the first iPhone to pack a display larger than 3.5 inch (about time), the iPhone 5 was a product adapting to changing times. As usual, Apple's yearly affair attracts much attention as we get closer and closer to the June-July timeframe (WDDC) and this year is no exception. The rumor mill is already churning out new iPhone 5S rumors, but it seems we have some concrete information in the form of leaked KDDI (Japanese carrier) documents.

According to the leaked documents, Apple will introduce it's next generation iPhone in July. KDDI's documents show pre-order dates starting as soon as 20th of June. That makes plenty of sense seeing that Apple might very well introduce the iPhone 5S in June (10-14th at WWDC) and launch the phone in various markets by next month, as they usually do.

The documents also reveal a new upgraded 13 MP camera sensor and the rumored fingerprint scanner that the new iPhone might pack. Expect the new 5S to come loaded with Apple's iOS 7 operating system.

Source: TechRadar

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