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Leaked Nokia Lumia 830 photos showcase PureView cam, various color options

Expected out in the days leading up to IFA 2014, at a press event recently teased by Microsoft, the Nokia Lumia 830 is a visual mystery no more, at least if we assume the newest slate of “leaked” photos is legitimate.

Nokia Lumia 830

Oh hai there, Lumia 830, but weren’t you supposed to keep a low profile until September 4? Apparently, no one informed a Chinese leakster of the “embargo”, so Nokia Lumia 820’s rumored sequel is out in the wild, strutting its stuff and keeping it real.

Said “stuff” is quite seductive and cool, although it’s hard to tell if the pics are the real deal. The presence of both capacitive and software buttons suggests that’s not the case, and so does a racy photo on the phone’s home screen, featuring a biker with… his hand down his pants?!?

Crazy as it may seem though, those “irregularities” don’t necessarily invalidate the leak. The dude pic could merely be a (distasteful) joke, and the doubling of keys might be the result of poor rendering. Or maybe this is a pre-release prototype with a number of kinks yet to be worked out at the time of the photo shoot.

Lumia 830 yellow

Bottom line, it’s not out of the question the Lumia 830 looks a lot like that. Sharp, slim-bezeled, with a distinguished industrial vibe, colorful, and, yes, PureView-packed and ready to rumble. The no doubt state-of-the-art rear camera isn’t as protrusive as previous 41 megapixel models, so clearly, a 20 MP or so sensor is in the cards.

Chromatically, Microsoft’s Lumia 830 will be offered in yellow, green and orange, as well as black and white, we’re guessing, and bits and pieces of the spec sheet remain up in the air. Headed for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile with slightly differing features, the upper mid-ranger should measure 4.5 or 4.7 inches, sport 720p display resolution and a 5 MP front cam. Also, Windows Phone 8.1 on the software side of things. Sounds pretty good as long as it’s not obscenely priced.

Sources: Phone Arena, Baidu

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