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Leaked photo suggests Nokia’s 6-inch Lumia might be more than a rumor

A photo that has surfaced online shows what could be the rumored 6-inch Lumia smartphone, which Nokia is supposedly working on for a launch later this year. Will Nokia finally join the phablet game that every other manufacturer seems to be embracing lately?

Nokia Lumia EOS PureView

Is there a 6-inch Lumia Nokia is secretly working on in their labs? A previous rumor had suggested that might be the case, and now a leaked photo showing the display glass of a giant Nokia phone has surfaced, indicating that the company really is prepping up to join the “phablet” game that Samsung mastered with the Galaxy Note series.


No other details are currently available on this mysterious Lumia, but judging by the screen size it’s a safe bet that it will be one of the first Windows Phone devices with a 1080p resolution display. It might also be the first quad-core Windows Phone device, as the same update (GDR3) that will add support for 1080p resolutions is expected to add support for quad-core Qualcomm processors as well, and adding a PureView camera to the mix would only serve to attract a lot of consumer interest.

Nokia recently released the Lumia 625, which sports the biggest display the Espoo-based company has ever put on a smartphone, so could they be looking to top that in a grand way with a new Lumia that sports the monstrous screen you see above? There’s a surely a segment of users that would love to have an almost tablet-sized screen running Windows Phone instead of Android, and Nokia could very well be focusing on catering to that market next.

Would you buy a 6-inch Nokia Lumia, or would you prefer something a bit smaller?

Source: Weibo

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