Xbox One UI

Microsoft’s representations of the Xbox One’s UI are similar to the leaked footage, but there are differences–mainly with the content offerings, which are in beta stages.

Leaked footage of the Xbox One’s dashboard has recently surfaced, giving gamers a first-hand look at the console’s UI before it launches this November.

The video captures a variety of the console’s general interfaces, navigating through through the dynamic live-tiled setup and highlighting numerous key features including the Xbox One’s ability to minimize any game to a small window while users scroll through the dashboard.

Overall the UI looks clean and efficient, with a hefty offering of tile sets that detail everything from games, videos, apps and more, affording for a robust and colorful setup.

While Microsoft has openly showcased the Xbox One’s user interface during press conferences, the leaked footage is one of the first instances where we get to see it an action during a non-scripted event, showing how the console’s dashboard naturally flows in the hands of an everyday gamer.


Although blurry, the leaked vid delivers the general setup of the Xbox One’s dashboard, fitting with Microsoft’s current live tiles structure.

Along with random navigation, the video briefly shows in-game scenes from the Xbox One exclusive RYSE: Son of Rome, which appears to be streamlined even though its in a beta stage.

All in all the footage is short–just around two and a half minutes–but it offers a closer look at the actual dashboard that will most likely be more refined with day one updates, however the general setup should be the same.

Be sure to check the footage out for yourself over at Live Leak to see the Xbox One’s dashboard interface–the very same UI that gamers across the world will be navigating when the console releases on Nov. 22, 2013.

Via Live Leak