Lego launches ‘official’ Lego thumbdrive

lego1 Lego launches official Lego thumbdrive

We may have spoken about a few thumbdrives that feature designs inspiration by the coloured toy construction bricks known as Lego, but it does not change the fact that none of the aforementioned devices are officially recognized by the Lego Group. However, that is all set to change with the introduction of an 'official' Lego thumbdrive.

logo Lego launches official Lego thumbdrive

LEGO-inspired devices are a dime a dozen in various online shopping sites, but the fact remains that most, if not all of the aforementioned devices do not have a license from the LEGO Group to make use of the likeness of its popular toy construction bricks. However, it seems that the LEGO Group has finally started to realize that there is a market for LEGO-branded products featuring its likeness, and has since moved to launch its own line of thumbdrives based off the Minifigure often found in its construction bricks.

lego1 Lego launches official Lego thumbdrive

According to the official LEGO online store, the Classic LEGO Minifigure USB thumbdrive sports a capacity of 2GB and comes preloaded with a copy of the LEGO Ninjago video clip for your viewing pleasure.  Last but definitely not least, using the Classic LEGO Minifigure USB thumbdrive on your PC is also a snap; all you have to to is to yank its legs off, as shown in the image below.

lego2 Lego launches official Lego thumbdrive

If this thumbdrive has tickled your fancy, you might be interested to know that the LEGO-branded thumbdrive is available for sale at the online LEGO store for the handsome price of US$24.99. Well, that is the price one has to pay for official LEGO products, no?

Source: LEGO Shop via Technabob

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