Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not? Well, if the saying were to hold any truth in today's context, then it would seem that Microsoft's Xbox and its complementing Kinect motion sensor is the most highly sought-after console and accessory of this generation's console wars. After all, why else would Lenovo and Eedoo attempt to market a new video game console that seems to mimic the Xbox's Kinect in more ways than one?

Do you enjoy gaming on a video game console? If you do, well, chances are that you will already own at least one of the current-generation game consoles and are undoubtedly enjoying the unique features it has to offer over the competition. That is not surprising though: after all, each of the three video game consoles feature various specific characteristics that are clearly targeted at specific kinds of console gamers.

However, it seems that the console video game market is about to get a little shaking up this year, courtesy of Lenovo. That's because the Chinese OEM has announced that it is making plans to launch a new video game console which will mimic Microsoft's Kinect controller for Xbox. And not surprisingly, the new console's bears a name which all but reveals the fact that the main source of inspiration comes from Microsoft. Anyone fancy an Ebox?

According to a report posted by gadget website GizChina, the Ebox is the result of a collaboration between Lenovo and a Chinese company known as Eedoo, and is expected to be released for retail in China exclusively by June this year. Which is just as well though: considering that the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 are officially not allowed to be sold in China, the lack of competition means that the Ebox essentially has the entire Chinese video console market all for itself.

Source: GizChina