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Lenovo Announces 3 new desktop PCs

Lenovo IdeaCentre K series Desktop PC

Lenovo has introduced three new desktop PCs for the consumer market – the all-rounder performer IdeaCentre K220, high performance IdeaCentre K230 and low cost, high-value Lenovo H200.

Lenovo has recently announced three new desktop PCs – IdeaCentre K220, an all around, top-flight performer that runs 16 percent faster than the previous generation IdeaCentre K210 desktop; IdeaCentre K230 desktop that is equipped with an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processors, supports high definition graphics and optional Blu-ray Disc™ drive; and H200 which is designed as a low cost and high value PC designed for users on a budget who need to read email, browse the Internet, view pictures and video and perform other basic computing applications.

The IdeaCentre K220 also features Lenovo’s signature VeriFace facial recognition technology, allowing different user to use his or her facial image as the log-on password. A web camera and monitor, purchased separately, are required for VeriFace functionality.

The IdeaCentre K230 is designed as a power desktop PC with high-end, memory-demanding functions such as 64-bit Windows Vista and up to 8GB of DDR2 memory. 

The H200 is the manufacturer’s first desktop to utilize the low power Intel®Atom™ processor. Additionally, the H200 desktop features a fan-less design, helping make it Lenovo’s quietest consumer desktop.

All three desktops include Lenovo Rescue System featuring OneKey™ Recovery, a tool used to recover information and restore the system without losing files.

Pricing and Availability
The IdeaCentre K220 and K230 desktops start at USD449 and USD499, respectively. The Lenovo H200 desktop comes bundled with the ThinkVision L195 Wide LCD monitor and starts at USD399.99.

Source: Lenovo

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