Lenovo LePad

Consumers are spoilt for choice with so many tablet devices on the market, mainly the Apple iPad, and those running on Google’s Android mobile operating system. PC manufacturer Lenovo has also expressed its plans to launch their new Android tablet, called LePad, in the U.S. next year.

Sounding like a product from France, the LePad is Lenovo’s latest Android tablet device that is scheduled to launch early next year. According to online sources, the PC maker has announced its plans to launch the product in U.S next year to compete with the Apple iPad, and other Android tablets on the market.

The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is on retail since Saturday, while the Toshiba AS100 is also on sale now. No word on the 5-inch Dell Streak yet, though it is likely to launch before end of this year. The recent announcement from Creative Technology is that their Ziio tablets will go on sale in Q1 next year too. So the Lenovo LePad may not miss the tide after all, but time is crucial no doubt. Unfortunately, for now, the company only mentioned China and U.S as the countries for the tablet, but we are certain that it will be made available in other parts of the world including Singapore. Keep your fingers crossed.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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