Today, Lenovo Singapore held an event at Suntec Convention to announce their new  expanded line of consumer PCs. The new PCs include the Z series (Z360 and Z460), U460, A700, Edge 14-inch, V460 and C200.

Wang Gang, Executive Director, ASEAN Consumer Sales, Lenovo Singapore, says that the company was heavily impacted by the economic crisis in 2008. But Lenovo did better in 2009, becoming the fastest growing PC maker worldwide; faster than Acer, HP and even Dell.

Some of the laptops at the showcase include the IdeaPad Y460 and B460. The Y460 is currently available while the B460 will be available in July 2010.

The Lenovo ThinkPad A70z All-in-one desktop PC includes the 19-inch widescreen display, wireless keyboard and mouse.

Here’s a look at the pricing and availability of the products:-