Lenovo is expected to release a budget 10-inch Android tablet stateside in the coming months.  The IdeaTab S6000 made its way to the FCC recently, and if things go smoothly the tablet should hit retail very soon.

The reason why the IdeaTab S6000 is a budget slate is the fact that it sports a 1.2GHz MediaTek MTK8389 quad-core processor.  Gadgets sporting MediaTek’s offering have proven to be popular—especially within China and surrounding regions, and in terms of performance MediaTek is consistently trying to get the most out of ARM’s A7 and A9.

Aside from the decent processor, the 10-inch IdeaTab S6000 also comes with a 1280×800 display, a rated battery life of about 8 hours, and an optional HSPA+ radio.

There will always be a market for budget-conscious tech consumers, and it seems like Coby and Archos will have to dig even deeper now that a major brand like Lenovo is also trying to take a stab at dirt cheap tablets.  Pricing for the IdeaTab S6000 hasn’t been announced, but we’re expecting the tablet to go for under 400 USD and perhaps even the low 300 USD range.