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Lenovo unveils tiltable Flex 10 laptop with Windows 8.1 and Intel Bay Trail

Following the introductions of two tablet/mini-notebook hybrids and a small, convertible, budget-conscious laptop, all running Android, Lenovo has turned its attention back to Windows with Flex 10’s rollout.


The fresh 10-incher is basically IdeaPad A10’s long-lost twin, although the software is an entirely different kettle of fish and there are a number of hardware contrasts as well. For the most part, the Flex 10 has the upper hand over its Android-powered cousin, packing Intel Bay Trail heat and up to 4 GB RAM.

There are four different Flex 10 configurations to see daylight before Christmas, two sporting dual-core Intel Celeron chips, a third with a quad-core Celeron beneath the hood and finally one built around a quad-core Intel Pentium.


The Pentium model will most definitely be the only one with 4 GB memory, whereas the other three should feature half the RAM. Oddly, not all four versions are to run Windows 8.1, though it’s unclear which parts of the quartet will need to settle for Win 8.

As far as the touchscreen goes, the resolution is the same across the board (1,366 x 768 pixels), leaving storage the last discriminatory department, with up to 500 GB the sole detail known at this time. All variants shall impress with plenty of connectivity options (USB 2.0, 3.0, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi), as well as stereo speakers, but not battery life, rated at a crummy “up to 4 hours”.


To make matters worse, the Lenovo Flex 10 is a bit on the chunky side, weighing in at roughly 2.6 pounds while measuring 21 mm in thickness (ouch!). Remember however, you’re looking at a twistable convertible of sorts, so it’s a wee more productive than traditional mini-laptops.

Not as flexible and productive as Windows-based Yoga devices, as it doesn’t flip all the way to 360 degrees, but still, pretty darn swanky. Too bad there are no official words on pricing yet. Or an exact ETA.

Source: Lenovo

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