Sony gives the upgrade that our tablet cameras have always needed: a high-quality lens camera attachment.


Let’s admit it; we do tend to ignore tablet camera specs nowadays. That’s because though they’re good for point-and-click shots, professionals are still definitely better off using a DSLR, not to mention that we look a bit silly trying to take pictures with our huge 10-inch tablet. Thankfully, Sony seems to have bridged this issue for us, by releasing a tablet version of their previous smartphone camera attachment.

The SPA-TA1 Cybershot QX lens camera attachment is, as what you might expect, an accessory that is intended to take near-DSLR quality pictures to a tablet. The dimensions of the attachment itself are at 65.6 x 33.9mm, nearly the same as its smartphone version. Unlike the smartphone version though, it has a set of six adjusters, from 85mm to 190mm, that you can use to fix the camera lens firmly onto the tablet regardless of the size of the tablet or it’s camera’s position.


Sony has yet to reveal specifications for the tablet version of their camera lens attachment. However, it would most likely have the same overall technical specs and adjustment features as the smartphone version.

In Japan, it will be available as early as April 4, 2014, with an estimated price that is equivalent to $36.00.

Source: MyNavi (JP)