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LG announces availability of first curved OLED TV, but Samsung may be first to have wraparound smartphone display

LG has begun accepting pre-orders for its 55-inch Curved OLED TV, and will begin shipping them next month.  Although the news is exciting for those that have kept up with the bleeding trends in tech, analysts are assuming that LG’s announcement is nothing more than horn blowing and bragging rights over its competitor—Samsung.

The 55-inch Curved OLED TV isn’t meant for the average Joes, and will run for a steep price of 13,550 USD.  Deep pocketed tech enthusiasts will be intrigued by the new TV, but currently LG has only announced its availability for the South Korean market. 

Samsung is currently the alpha male of the consumer tech pack of South Korea, and the news that LG will deploy the first consumer-ready curved TV is somewhat of sting to Samsung’s pride.  Still, as demand for curved displays will be extremely weak in its early days, LG will probably lose money rather than make money—but that’s the price to pay if it wants to claim the title of “world’s first.”

OLED tech uses carbon-based materials to convert electricity into light, and unlike conventional LCD displays, OLED does not need a separate light source.  Moreover, OLEDs are laid out onto flexible plastic substrates, which make it easier for manufacturers to manipulate the display’s curvature to obtain the desired shapes.

Curved OLED TVs are somewhat of a novelty at the moment as industry specialists aren’t convinced that curved displays are better than current flat/straight displays.  For smaller devices, such as a smartphone, curved displays will provide for a more engaging experience between the users and his hardware, but for large displays, a curved TV will consume more space while offering essentially the same experience as conventional flat screens.

LG may be the first to tout its horn about a curved TV, but what most consumers are anticipating is a smartphone with a wraparound display. Mass production of such a display is still off by a bit, but the advent of a smartphone with a 360 degree screen experience will certainly shake up the tech world, and will be breathe some life back into the smartphone market.  Samsung is speculated to be one of the first handset makers to accomplish such a task, but Apple has also dipped its hand into the wraparound display concept.

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