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LG Announces GD900 Crystal, GM730 and Viewty Smart


LG announced three new phones at the Communicasia 2009 in Singapore – LG-GD900 Crystal, Viewty Smart and GM730 – which would be in the stores soon.

Y.W. Nam, president and CEO of LG Electronics Asia, addressed the press conference and mentioned the company achieving great growth despite the economy downturn.

“Here in Asia,  LG sees a 38% increase in volume from 2007 to 2008, and also successfully positioned ourselves as one of the top players, thanks to strong sales of the premium handsets and innovative touchscreens. Showing our commitment to customers in Asia, we decided to launch our latest smartphones that integrated LG’s 3D S-Class User Interface before anywhere else. The phones that are showcased here at Communicasia are designed to meet different group of customer’s needs, and also easy to use with its 3D S-Class User Interface.” 

Also present were Bo H. Choi, vice president, head of mobile communications marketing, LG Electronics Asia; Dr. John Park, vice president & head of new business development, LG Electronics Mobie Communications Company; Chang Ma, vice president of marketing strategy team, LG Electronics Mobie Communications Company; and Dominique Oh, vice president of MC product planning team, LG Electronics Mobie Communications Company.

(from left) LG-GM730, LG-GD900 Crystal, LG Viewty Smart

The LG-GM730 is the newest handset in LG’s smartphone line with advanced features that are also easy to use. It claims to be the first smartphone to offer the new version of Windows Mobile 6.1, integrated with LG’s advanced 3D S-Class User Interface.

LG-GM730’s multitasking environment allows users to run a number of applications simultaneously in separate windows without having to stop one task to start another. “Cut and paste” allows users to copy content from the internet and paste it into documents or send it via email.

Available in three colors: Black, Lime and Pale Pink, the LG-GM730 will be available globally, with its initial launch in Asia this July. The LG-GM730’s launch coincides with the opening of LG Application Store, which expand the capabilities of LG’s smartphones.

LG-GD900 Crystal
The LG-GD900 Crystal claims to be the world’s first transparent phone and also the first phone to feature LG’s next generation touch technology, Gesture Command, which complements the much-praised 3D S-Class User Interface.

The LG-GD900 Crystal’s slide-down Crystal Touchpad first appears to just be an alphanumeric keypad, but it actually doubles as a touchpad for controlling the phone. It can be used like the trackpad on a laptop computer but also recognizes handwriting, responds to multi-touch commands and enables a new way of navigation called Gesture Command.

Available in Chrome and Titan color choices. It is due to hit shelves in June in selected countries in Asia and Europe and will then debut in other countries across the globe.

LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900)
The LG Viewty Smart is a camera phone with an first-in-its-class Intelligent Shot Mode that makes it easier to take great photos by automatically analyzing scenes and adjusting camera settings accordingly.

The new Viewty Smart builds on the heritage of its predecessor, the LG Viewty, but with significantly upgraded features and a focus on making photography easier and more enjoyable. The smart in this new phone’s name refers to its camera technology, specifically its Intelligent Shot Mode. In this mode, LG Viewty Smart automatically analyzes the subject, background and lighting conditions and adjusts camera settings accordingly to ensure hassle-free, picture perfect results every time. This feature is a first for a camera phone and is still rare even on high-end standalone digital cameras.
The Viewty Smart goes on sale in Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan in June and will launch in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Vietnam thereafter. LG has also announced plans for a 12 megapixel camera phone with even more smart features, slated for launch later this year.

Going Green and the LG Android phones
In addition to the announcement of the three new phones, LG also unveiled their green initiative with the new solar powered phone going to be available end of this year and the solar-powered accessories such as the battery charger which is available now.

For Android phone lovers, LG has confirmed at least three Android phones will be launched this year and more next year.

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