LG has recently posted their Q4 2010 earnings and annual financial reports which showed a disappointing US$568 million loss due to poor performance of handset and television businesses.

According to news reports, LG Electronics have announced their Q4 2010 earnings and annual financial reports which were disappointing due to the poor performance of the company's smartphone and television businesses.

LG reported a release, the 2010 loss of 635.9 billion won the year LG Electronics, folding 568 million contracts, compared to 2009, the company's net profit of 1.15 trillion won in 2010, apparently LG Electronics is relatively poor performance, This is also the company's biggest loss since its reorganization in 2002. If we calculate according to revenue, BlackBerry smart phone maker, Research in Motion, RIM has exceeded LG to become the world's fourth-largest mobile phone maker in 2010.

LG has taken a aggressive strategy, and their new smartphones will soon be on the market, and given enough time, the company will be able to gain a stronger foothold in their smartphone business. 

Source: imobile.com.cn