LG Fantasy

Even though Microsoft has announced the new Windows Mango operating system, it seems that only Samsung and HTC have came up with the new smartphones at launch. However, a new LG Windows Phone has recently been leaked and is reported to sport a 4-inch IPS display.

The LG Spectrum Android 4G "world phone" may be launching soon, but news of the Korean manufacturer having a Windows Phone in development has been leaked. Called LG Fantasy, the Windows Phone will feature a 4-inch IPS touchscreen display and is the company's third Windows Phone; sibling to the LG Optimus 7 and LG Quantum. From the leaked photo, the LG Fantasy has the standard button layout below the display – back, home and search – and will run the latest Windows Mango operating system. According to sources, the LG Fantasy could show its face at the upcoming CES 2012, and launched in Q1 next year.

Source: imobile.com.cn


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