LG is said to be making its return to the Windows Phone ecosystem with a handset codenamed “Uni8”.


Microsoft announced several new hardware partners for Windows Phone earlier this year, and it looks like LG is poised to launch a smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 very soon.

A photo leaked by evleaks shows an LG handset called Uni8, revealing the South Korean manufacturer’s plans to return to Windows Phone after dropping it way back in 2011. By the looks of it, the Uni8 is a high-end handset – the leaked render indicates the phone is using on-screen navigation keys and lacks a camera button, things made possible by Microsoft removing some of the requirements for its mobile OS with Windows Phone 8.1.

There’s no launch time frame mentioned at the moment, though LG will likely make an official announcement only after it launches its upcoming Android flagship. The specs are unknown as well, but it will possibly sport standard hardware found on high-end Windows Phone devices, like a Snapdragon 800 processor and a 1080p display (that could be larger than 5-inch big.) That would put it in direct competition with devices like the Nokia Lumia 1520, though given LG’s long absence from the Windows Phone market, the company might find it hard to sell too many units.

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